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D.C., Elk Grove

“My experience with Jasmin Nguyen was wonderful. I went to Jasmin Nguyen first then went to see two others. Jasmin, by far, was the best attorney. She made me feel very comfortable. Jasmin is very kind and understanding. Her staff was very helpful. I am so glad I went to see Jasmin and acquired her services. I would highly recommend Jasmin Nguyen to anybody! Great attorney. “

A.C. & A.C., San Jose, CA

  “Ms. Jasmin Nguyen is a dedicated attorney, she always explained everything in many details to avoid any confusion. We had all of our questions with professionalism. Filing for bankruptcy was the hardest thing for us but Jasmin always made us feel comfortable & was not pushy, we met with her many times before filing and she always made time for us. I strongly recommend her to my friends and family in need of legal advice. 

L.W., Elk Grove, CA

“Dear Ms. Nguyen,It has been a welcomed pleasure having you represent me. You made a frightening experience a comfortable one.  I appreciated your advice and confidence each time we communicated.  You were there to answer my questions completely, and assisted me with the completion of the many forms. In court, your calculations and preparation paid off with a decision that both my husband and I are very happy with. Your experience shows, and we would happily refer family and friends to you..”


“I was referred to the Law Office of Jasmin Nguyen not too long ago. I was so stressed out over my credit card debts, I was in way over my head. I was truly under water.  I met with Jasmin Nguyen & her staff.  After meeting with Jasmin, I was able to relax and I felt a great relief a heavy burden was lifted from me. — She was with me every step of the way whenever I called with a question I received assurance that all was ok. Jasmin Nguyen is not only a great B.K. Lawyer but also a caring person with a knowledgeable staff. If you need an attorney — I highly recommend Jasmin Nguyen.”


“Ms. Nguyen,

When faced with the consequences of having to file bankruptcy and the uncertainty of what it meant for my future, I am fortunate to have had you on my side and helping me through the process. You and your staff were helpful, polite and treated me with a great deal of respect. I would highly recommend you to others that may be facing the same situation, as I found myself myself in last year.  Following your advice and instructions made the whole process easier and quicker than I thought and took away a great deal of the anxiety.  Thank you very much for your help.”

T.P., Sacramento CA

“…you and your team/staff have provided us with such excellent service that we would not have to think twice about coming back to use your service. We can thank you enough for your assistance and ongoing commitment to helping us get through the bankruptcy process.  Furthermore, you’ve made our experience a truly pleasant one. Thank you once again.”

MN, Elk Grove, CA

“You did and excellent job. I am thankful for your advice on the case. I have already referred you to two clients… In the future, if I see that anyone needs help, I will refer you.”.

D.J., Sacramento, CA

“Before we went to the Law Offices of Jasmin Nguyen, we were drowning in a sea of debt. It all started about four years ago when I retired from the Air Force Reserves and my job really cut back on the over time I lost almost $2,000 a month in pay, and I’m the only working in the household of six.  I was working from payday to payday trying to pay the bills with little or nothing left over I was barely keeping up with my bills. It went for two years like this and it was getting harder and harder to pay or keep up with the bills.  Then we went to the Law Offices of Jasmin Nguyen, to talk to her and to see if we could file bankruptcy, which we were able to do.. We are glad that we went to the Law Offices of Jasmin Nguyen to file bankruptcy and she help us out a lot.”

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